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 VIRTUAL Showing


Whether you are a Buyer from out of town or have limited time to see the house in person we are here to accommodate your needs. Click the link below and request a virtual showing, one of our DREAM agents will be happy to give you a tour of this beautiful property.

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This unique property sits at the end of its own tree lined private road which leads you home to picturesque views of Quivett Creek marshlands and Cape Cod Bay.  This home is located next door to beautiful Drummer Boy Park and close proximity to the Brewster Museum of Natural History, hiking trails, and Paine's Creek Beach.  Get the kayaks & paddle boards ready to take off for an exciting adventure right from your backyard.

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A Lifetime


A property like this is rarely offered.  Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to own an outstanding home that sits upon a magical piece of land.

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 Living DINING


An open yet intimate floor plan, this home enhances your lifestyle with features that must be seen to truly appreciate.  Exceptional amenities invite you to explore this one of a kind sanctuary by the bay.

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Explore this outstanding photo gallery to really appreciate this property.

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Bed & BATH


This home features 5 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms.  Each is unique and offers something different from fireplaces to claw foot tubs with classic plumbing.  Wooden floors in the bedrooms and beautiful natural stone tiling in the bathrooms make this home a must see.


LAND & Beyond


This land is truly a nature enthusiasts dream come true.  Watch Great Blue Herons, Osprey, Geese, Hummingbirds, RedTail Hawks, and other coastal birds flying around a rare assortment of wetland native trees and plants.  Cedar trees, wetland willows, high bush blueberry, blackberry, and bayberry represent a few of the native plants that grace this property.

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Located in one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Brewster, it doesn't get much better than this!  Schedule an appointment & discover beauty like you have never seen.

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Guests want to stay overnight? No problem.  Here they can have their very own private space with all the amenities.  There is nothing typical about this property.  Many years of planning and well thought out design created this exceptional home.


Explore THE TOWN


Click the link below to discover the historical town of Brewster and all that it has to offer, from hiking, cycling, kayaking, to a day on the beach or out exploring historic museums and sites all around you.

AUDIO Details


Listen and get a full description of the property to fully educate yourself about this beautiful DREAM home.


*Buyer is encouraged to verify as this information is not deemed guaranteed.



Where is the septic located?

The front yard.

The stained glass above the door frames, where are they from and from which age period?

The accent stained glass above the doors are from England and date back to late 1800's.

Is it already wired for speakers?

Yes it is, speaker wires run inside the walls and are ready for hook up.

Was the house really built in 2007? Why does it feel like it's brand new?

This property received its foundation footings in Dec 2007. This is why the field card shows it being built in 2007. With this said, the Certificate of Occupancy was not issued until 2013. The owner traveled for work full time and took his time to engage the services of some of the best architects, engineers and contractors to build something he could truly be proud of. There was also a tremendous amount of time invested into bringing in the road, power, adding the geothermal and everything it took to approve building this home. The home was "officially" built in 2013, however as real estate agents we must go by what’s on the field card for disclosure purposes. More details are found in the property audio attached on the website.

When was the permit pulled to begin construction?

Fall 2007.

When was the foundation put in?

The foundation footings were added in late 2007- early 2008.

When was the framing and roofing completed or started?

The framing siding and roofing where completed end of 2008-2009.

Why are there cedar shingles under the roof?

Redwood shingles were used to create a drip edge. The purpose of a drip edge is to direct rain off the roof and past the house. Drip edges help support the end of asphalt or wooden roofs. The drip edge can be flashed with copper or aluminum. This is a standard roofing practice. This particular one is flashed with copper which will last much longer. Roof shingles are rated for 50 years.

Are there any improvements since 2007?

Improvements to the property have been continually made since the certificate of occupancy was issued in 2013. The most recent updates made are the lawn, the kitchen in the apartment and the sunroom which were all added in 2020.

Which is the “other” fuel source you have listed on the listing sheet?

Geothermal. This property features Geothermal heating and cooling, and the fireplaces use propane gas. This particular geothermal is a closed loop system. If you aren't quite familiar with geothermal systems, it is basically a form of solar but instead of having the panels on your roof, you have a set of coils located underground. These coils located roughly 4 to 5 ft. underground use the earth's natural temperature of 55 degrees to help assist with cooling and heating the house. Geothermal is powered by electric. GeoThermal (HVAC) wells and units in basement were installed late 2009.

What's the pipe sticking out of the ground in the backyard?

It is a well discharge pipe. Original Geothermal system was an open loop system which required a well. The owner changed it to a closed loop system in 2016-2017. The well is no longer required. With this said, it has future for next owner. It can always be removed if not wanted or kept for landscaping, drinking water or other use such as a waterfall for the pool which can be likely incorporated into the back yard with town approval.

Would hooking up to Natural Gas in the future be possible?

Yes. There is gas on Route 6A, however with this home being located on a private road, hundreds of feet off of 6A, it will cost quite a bit for someone to pull in natural gas.

How old are the hot water heaters?

Hot water heaters were added late 2009 into early 2010.

When was the electrical service added?

The electrical service was completed in late 2009.

Are there smoke detectors? When where the smoke detectors installed? How old are the smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors & alarm system were installed as required for occupancy on 4/30/13

When was the certificate of occupancy?

May of 2013.


How new are the appliances?

Appliances installed around 2013-14.

Is there a laundry room on the second floor?

Second floor laundry room was completed in 2020.

When was the patio added?

The patio in the back yard was added late 2019 into early 2020.

When was the sunroom added?

New sunroom was added in 2019-2020 and it faces North towards Cape Cod Bay.

When was the tile work completed?

Bathroom tile work began late 2018, finished 2019.

When was the bathrooms completed?

All sinks, tubs and all tile work where completed in 2019.

Did the lighting fixtures get added after the construction of the property or recently?

All lighting fixtures except the recessed lighting in baths, mirror fixtures, shelving etc. were added in 2020.

How new is the garage door system?

Garage door openers were added in late 2019 into early 2020.

How are the neighbors?

Neighborhood seasonality - Owners of 136 Regatta are mostly year round and own a home in FL for heavy winter months. Being so close to Orleans and Dennis, there are many shops open year round. There are numerous local shops for groceries, breakfast and lunch, open year round located within 2 miles from this home.

Was this home built for year round use?

Yes. This home was built for year round use.

Is the road public? Who pays for maintenance?

The road is private. This property owns the road and so does the property next door. Any expenses to maintain it, including plowing, are shared between owners of 136 and 137 Regatta.

How does garbage disposal work here?

Owner does it himself with a dump sticker which you can always get from the town. You can also hire a company to do it for you as there are a few that service this area and we would be happy to provide you with a connection to one we recommend.

What are the HOA fees?

There are no HOA fees as there is no HOA.

What is around this area in Brewster? Any beaches nearby?

The closest beach is Paine's Creek about a mile away. A map of other close by beaches are also provided. Click here to learn more about the beautiful town of Brewster and what it has to offer (also access the beach map).

Is there enough room for a pool?

Yes there seems to be enough room for a pool in the backyard facing north with the view of the marsh and Cape Cod Bay. Also, the well has future use and purpose. The current owner left it specifically for the next buyer. It has many uses including one of them being that it could be as a waterfall for the pool which can be likely incorporated into this back yard.

What is the equipment on the east and north wall in the basement?

In basement east wall: By the bulkhead door when looking at the dehumidifier for the basement, you're also looking at the well equipment. Well is about 20-25 feet deep. The infrastructure is in place in case you want to use it for future watering system, a sprinkler system, waterfall for the pool, etc. Everything is wired up and ready to go. North wall: This is where all the utilities come in, phone, cable, 400 amp service etc. You can see the large disconnect switches for the geothermal system. A panel guard is in place to protect all of your circuits, appliances, anything plugged in like computers etc. Right next to it is the exit pipes for Geothermal system. South wall of the basement: As you pass by the entertainment center on the south facing wall, you will find some systems in the back wall. Two units are in place for the Geothermal system. The alarm system and the breakers to the right keep the breaker safe, protects electronic surges. 80 gallon hot water heaters enables you to entertain without issues as there is plenty of hot water for all.



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