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Realizing your real estate dreams and beyond!

Most People Struggle to Find The Right Real Estate Agent/Team Because...

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They don't truly understand what an agent/team does & why they matter.

They get anxious/frustrated by a lack of guidance, not knowing what's next.

They often feel they care more than the professional/agent does.

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They feel pressured to decide, not knowing what to expect as a result.

They don’t know the questions to ask or how to select the best agent/team.

They choose a friend or family member to appease them.


Here at DREAM Homes & Estates, we have the network you need to succeed. This is why our business continues to grow by referral. By navigating our site & hearing what our clients have to say, you'll quickly realize we embrace being the one team you can always rely on. You'll soon discover that to us, serving your needs goes beyond real estate! It's the relationships we've built to empower your every move that makes all the difference. Let's make your real estate DREAMs come true, right here and right now!



Mariana Costa isn't like anyone you have ever met before. If you have seen her on stage, you'll remember her by her shining personality. If you have worked with her, you'll recall her pioneering spirit. When you ask those who know her, their stories confirm her individuality; her innate ability to share, her enthusiasm and her joy as she discovers her passion for coaching, real estate & lifestyle productions. Mariana is on a mission to unite others to take on the impossible and bring countless DREAMs to reality.  

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, the DREAM Team is here to enhance your real estate experience. We provide unparalleled services optimizing each step in your journey to empower you when making the most important decisions, for you and your family. Your real estate dreams begin right here and right now!




We have all met the guy that never showed up, or the guy that showed up & did a great job. Our mission is to work with our clients to unite The Best of The Best, all in one place. Here at DREAM, you can help us connect with those you know and trust, so that together we can create  a network for just about any service, only a tap away.

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Known as the "Ultimate DREAMer" and the connector to just about any service needed in or outside of real estate, Mariana Costa is a global luxury lifestyle expert. Watch some of the lifestyle videos that Mariana and the DREAM Team have put together.