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Is it true houses don't sell well in the winter? There is a misconception that homes sell better when weather is at its best. We get it. The birds are singing the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. So it's safe to say putting your home on the market is not usually considered ideal unless you live in a constantly sunny climate. In reality, choosing the right market in which to sell a home doesn't have much to do with the time of the year, as it has to do with supply and demand. In other words just because spring brings about the "best weather" doesn't mean it is guaranteed to bring about the best results for you. When you are getting ready to sell your home, speaking to a local expert that has a pulse on the market can make all the difference and thats where we come in. We have a network of top agents unlike any other network you have ever seen. There is no charge for you to tap into the resources we have united for you and there is no charge for them to join. You may wonder what's in it for us? The answer is simple: We win more referrals to give and receive an opportunity to stay on top of mind with you and the business you refer shall you have any real estate needs or know of someone who does. This list below contains some secrets to make your winter home showing at its best. Let in the light, make sure its warm and serve some hot refreshments to invite buyers out of the cold.

Make sure there is no snow or ice on the walkway and all the steps are shoveled and brushed. Sprinkle some sand or salt to add some traction. Make sure to have a mat so potential buyers can wipe off their feet as well as a coat rack close by when entering the house.

Open the shutters and blinds, pull back all of the drapes in the house. Turn on all of the lights and appliances. Place spotlights and lamps in the darker rooms to brighten them up.

Wash the windows and mirrors, deep clean the bathrooms and polish all chrome faucets. Clean the refrigerator inside and out and mop/polish the kitchen/bathroom floors. Vacuum the carpets in one direction for plush carpeting.

Turn up the heat a degree or two warmer than usual and invite the buyer to stay a while. Encourage buyers to take off their coats (it should be warm enough) and enjoy some hot beverages. Light the fireplace up if possible but make sure you take the proper precautions.

Create a cozy vibe, light candles and have throw blankets on the furniture as well as fresh flowers on the tables.

Have soft music playing throughout the house to create a nice ambience. Be sure to have your own playlist available and buy a bluetooth speaker if need be.

Hot apple cider, coffee, different tea options or some hot cocoa always produces a feeling of comfort. Some warm baked goods are always a nice touch. As always we are here at DREAM to help you with any of the little details and all your real estate needs!


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