But don't get stuck on the couch binge watching Netflix all day. Below is a list of things that you can do while you are home. 

GET Organized

Organize your closets, cabinets and dressers. You can even tackle the big ones like the basement, attic or even the garage!


There are so many good books to get into whether spiritual, educational, action/adventure, etc. You can even listen to an audio book with your headphones on and get your imagination going.

GET YOUR Exercise ON

Pull out the Yoga mat and follow along with Adriene on youtube, hop on the exercise bike, get on the floor and do some push ups and sit ups or jump in the home gym.


It is a great time to reach out to loved ones and friends that you have not reached out to for a while. If you feel that it has been too long and the relationship is strained because of it, you should reach out anyway. Conversations lead to opportunities. You may be amazed at how much your call could mean to someone.

GET IN THE Kitchen

Sharpen up your chef skills. Download recipes from the internet and cook up some of your favorite dishes that you order when you dine out. You can get the ingredients online delivered directly to you.

SHOP Online

Besides just ordering ingredients for your cooking projects, you can also shop online to order the other essentials you need without leaving the house.