Adam and Megan were tenants on Cape Cod for many years, all while dreaming of owning their own DREAM home. We trust that if we can imagine it, we can also make it a reality. And that magic alone, can make the impossible possible. Call DREAM & experience the difference for yourself.



Days after getting engaged, Adam shared with Mariana the exciting news along with the compromising news that he would need to rent for one more year. With no financing papers in order and a 60 day countdown to his wedding. Adam couldn't imagine locating a home he would fall in love with and close on before his wedding date. After all, his soon to be wife has quite the wish list for their first home budget. Operating on a serious time crunch, can Mariana and the DREAM Team find Adam and Megan's DREAM Home before they say I do? Explore the beauty of Cape Cod while learning a story so unique, it was featured on TLC to millions of people watching. Here at DREAM, we share our core values with our clients and empower them to envision all of their dreams coming true before they actually see them in reality.