Marissa was born in Juarez, Chihuahua in Mexico and is known as an enthusiast (she loves challenges). Full of life and working with a curious mind, Marissa has been involved in many different activities throughout her life. Always sharing in her passion for excellence, she is naturally inclined to work hard and give her best on any goal set to be achieved.




At a very young age, Marissa learned the beauty of discipline and team work. By being a basketball player since she was 8 years old, she came across challenging situations where she learned how to think out of the box. At the same time, Marissa is inspired to constantly see things from a new perspective, and that’s why she decided to spend a full year in a foreign country, thanks to the opportunity given by the Rotary Exchange Program.




Marissa has always dreamed of becoming a model. At the age of 19, she decided to pursue that dream. Her main purpose was to be able to model at a high level, and on a big enough platform where she could impact and inspire others. After years of hardworking, effort and preparation, she was able to obtain her state title, as Miss Chihuahua. Next, she went on to compete and run for Miss Mexico along 31 other participants. After some challenging and fun days, Marissa lived the experience at its very best, reminded to be transparent at heart, speech, soul and attitude. As a result, Marissa took the title as the 1st Runner Up for Miss Mexico International 2020. If you ask Marissa about the main lesson she learned, her answer is that the most important thing wasn't the title, but the love of the people. She felt as if she could convey the message of living inspired by gratitude, being fully transparent and applying your best efforts towards any goal we choose to conquer, to thousands of people. Her goal was indeed achieved.

DREAMS 2 Reality



Marissa has so much life in her. She even has her very own bucket list. After graduating with a degree in International Business, one of her dreams has always been to own a business. Marissa and her sister have been working on an amazing project called Panpan, a bakery emerged from their family's strong belief of offering moments to share and unite people through delicious baked creations. Established in October of 2019, this dream now realized brought forth so much satisfaction, along with many challenges to Marissa and her family.




After so many accomplishments to look back onto, destiny brought Marissa to DREAM International. With a huge sense of identification with DREAM's values and beliefs, and with zero real estate experience, Marissa decided to accept yet another challenge, perhaps the biggest one of all. On November 2019, Marissa accepted the position to become the right hand of the company's CEO.




Originally hired as the Executive Assistant and Director of First Impressions, Marissa can tell you that she was the one impressed. After her first 60 days of training, Mariana Costa saw something in Marissa, and without hesitation, they both made the decision together to empower Marissa to take on one of the biggest job titles in the company. Doubling her responsibilities to run the entire company and its day to day activities, Marissa accepted the position as Director of Operations. Focused on one of Mariana's sayings "Team work makes the DREAM work" has made this journey extremely special to Marissa. She trusts with each day ahead, she shall continue to experience a journey highlighted by numerous challenges, conquers and efforts to always better herself and her abilities to inspire others to dream.

LAW OF Attraction



Marissa is a true believer in the law of attraction, meaning, what you think you attract. This is a powerful model for her constant expansion into being able to help others expand their mindset and as a result, expand their lives. Marissa knows that if you think positively, you'll always get positive results. Marissa has committed herself to mastering the art of attracting what she believes she is capable of becoming. She is always focused towards coming from an optimistic mentality and this leads her to her one thing; her main goal in life: to INSPIRE. Inspiration can always come in different ways and to different people, and this is why Marissa's heart always decides to embrace another challenge. Forever grateful to those who believe, Marissa is enthusiastic about this opportunity to be part of the DREAM Family and she can’t wait to be a part of your dream and help you make it a reality.





Marissa has been a part of the Rotary International family ever since. Thanks to this opportunity, she was able to travel to Brazil as a Mexican goodwill ambassador, and embrace the Brazilian culture, language, their ways of thinking and of course, their love. This experience helped Marissa open her eyes to new horizons and new life opportunities. Thanks to these attributes and life experiences, Marissa is continuously grateful for all of the blessings she receives, such as obtaining a scholarship that allowed her to fulfill her bachelor degree in International Business.